View Full Version : Three big recruits in town this weekend

Josh Gershon
11-06-2002, 12:00 PM
RB Marcus Thomas, OL Mikal Brewer and TE David Weems.


11-06-2002, 01:00 PM
I've always felt Mike Belloti of Oregon is a great recruiter, and after reading this latest article, here is an example of why.

Oregon is recruiting Marcus Thomas as a Wide Receiver. Arizona is recruiting Thomas as a Running Back. Thomas has said several times, that he would like to play Wide Receiver at the College level. If it's a tight race, where do you think he's going to go?

The same thing happened with Cornell Canidate 2 years ago. We were recruiting him as a DB, while Asu recruited him as a RB, the rest is history. I'm not saying Canidate wouldn't have been a great DB, it's just that it seems that, after suffering so many injuries, we really could have used Canidates abilities in the Backfield this season.

When you're a program fighting to get to the upper-half of the Pac-10, I think you need to recruit players to the positions they want to play, even if you feel they will be better off elsewhere. Once they are in the program, things can always change if they're not happy with their playing time. When you're a Miami, you can afford to recruit players to the positions you want them to play, but as all of us know, we are no Miami, at least not yet.

I'm very excited about our upcoming recruiting season, because we have ample playing time available, and a staff that has been recruiting well of late. With the addition of Charlie Camp to the Staff, who I happen to think will be one of the best recruiters on the Staff, I am very optimistic that we will get some great players regardless of our current record. It should be fun.

11-07-2002, 12:51 PM
Call me a pessimist, but I think we need to be a little more realistic in our recruiting. Why waste our time with a lineman who claims to be serious about academics when Stanford, UCLA and Notre Dame are after him?

I think the staff needs to really get out in the boonies and find some hidden gems. Go after some players who aren't on the national radar.

11-07-2002, 01:15 PM
I've been to many different campus' across the Country and in the Pac-10, and Arizona's is second to none.

Maybe we can't compete with Stanford on an Academic level, but when it comes to College environment, atmosphere, girls, parties, weather, experiences and pure fun, I think Arizona wins across the board.

There are many reasons why a Bluechip recruit would want to attend the University of Arizona, and help build a great program. I am of the opinion that we don't need to back down from anyone, and I think our Basketball, Softball, Golf, Swimming, Volleyball, and soon even our Baseball program, prove that Arizona is very attractive to some of the best Athlete's in the Country.

It is my sincere belief that all we need to do is find a Football Coach who is a great recruiter, and we will be well on our way to greatness in just a couple more years. Whether or not Mackovic is the answer, remains to be seen. But, I for one, am of the belief that Mackovic still needs more time, before he can be fairly judged.