View Full Version : WHAT ARE THEY DOING??? (the Suns)

01-05-2004, 05:27 PM
The Suns are wrapping up a trade of their MVP, Marbury, and Penny to the Knicks for, um, well, what looks like very little to me... Ward, McDyess, Eisley, a milkcow and two-dozen heffers.

Looks like they're writing this season off and hoping to sign a huge free agent afterward for fourteen gazillion dollars.

I like mixing things up when they're not working, but Steph was the key and now we have a choice group of mediocre PGs to choose from on our roster.

Too bad we couldn't unload Googs as part of the deal. That would make it feel a little better.


01-05-2004, 07:37 PM
they get 2 first round picks and also lampe

ive been hearing the suns wanna get in on the kobe bryant wagon

01-05-2004, 11:28 PM
i really like the deal.

other euro (forgot name)
2 #1's


penny (whoohoo)

we clear a ton of salary. ward and dyess are done this year, plus googs and the departed penny and marbury and we have money to spend. plus 2 #1's in 2004 and the suns pick just got better

01-06-2004, 01:19 AM
You bet our pick just got better. I totally expected them to keep Steph, Marion and Amare together as the core and build up from there.

We'll have to go w/a "wait and see" to see how this turns out a couple years down the road. All I know is they traded away one of the best point guards in the league today and I hope they look like genius' when it's all said and done. In the meantime, tune in to UPN45 for the basketball follies.


01-08-2004, 11:30 PM
You guys freed up a ton of salary with that move, you will have 30 mil or so this summer, right? Seems like they wanna make a run at Kobe.

01-09-2004, 12:04 AM
They still won't be able to afford Kobe 'less they move someone like Marion. At that point, I question their logic.

It will be interesting to see how Barbosa and Joe Johnson come along for the rest of the year. Amare should get some good exposure and experience, too. It's like the rest of the year is simply developmental at this point.

What could be more interesting is their next draft (or two).