View Full Version : How the heck...

07-11-2004, 09:09 PM
are the Dodgers in first at the break with the feared line-up of Cora, Itzuris, Roberts and the Late Shawn Green? Combine that with zero from Nomo and it's a miracle that the Boys in Blue are not ten games out let alone on top of the NL West.

If DePodesta can get a stick and another arm, LA might actually have a shot in this horrible division. :)

Bearing Down on Being Amazed That Such A Bad Roster Is Doing As Well As It Is (And it's not good coaching. Jim Tracy is awful)


07-12-2004, 02:02 AM
It's all about a hell of a bullpen and timely hitting. This team has an uncanny knack for getting hot and hitting in the clutch. No doubt, LA needs ot get a bat and probably a starter as getting anyone of value will probably cost them Edwin Jackson, Joel Hanrahan, or both. DePodesta also made some great trades at the beginning of the year for Werth and Grabowski, so I expect him to make some more but I bet they will surprise most Dodger fans.

On the rumor front, I hear the Dodgers have inquired about Mike Sweeney but he scares me with his bad back and 12.5 million contract.