View Full Version : Grady Little Bobble Arm Dolls.

07-12-2004, 01:48 PM
From Ben Maller.


Give Grady Little credit for a sense of humor, and more than an ounce of compassion. When the independent Brockton Rox planned a promotion this spring in which they intended to give out Grady Little "bobble-arm" dolls, they backed off the idea when a few people balked, including friends of the former Red Sox manager. The doll shows Little tapping his bobbing left arm, as if calling for a lefthanded reliever, which, of course, is what Little did not do when he visited Pedro Martinez on the mound in Game 7 of last year's American League Championship Series. The base of the doll, besides listing Little's number of wins in two years as manager, also gives the date and time of that fateful nondecision. But the Rox announced that with Little's consent, it is putting the dolls on sale today for $38.36 apiece (nine-doll maximum order), with half the proceeds going to Little's charity of choice, the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation, which assists former scouts in need. Why the odd sales price? Half of $38.36 is $19.18.