View Full Version : Eastern Confrence Predictions

10-30-2004, 04:10 PM
Prediction Time. Everyone join in, come on gang!

Atlantic Division:

Boston Celtics: Much improved over last year. Will make the playoffs again. 6th, bounced 1st round.
New Jersey Nets: Lost Kenyon to the West, Jason Kidd is doing his best impersonation of a geratric old man. 5th in the East, bounced 2nd round
New York Knicks: I hate Stephon Marbury. It pains me that this team will could have HFA in the playoffs. The East Blows. 4th in the East. Bounced first round
Philadelphia 76ERS: Double AI. 8th in the East, First rounf exit.
Toronto Raptors: Loren Woods is their starting center, 'nuff said. 13th in the East.

Central Division:

Chicago Bulls: Better tehn last year, which is not saying much. That Argentianian kid will be a stud.
Cleveland Cavilers: LeBron will have to wait another year to make the Playoffs, I think. 9th in EC
Detroit Pistons: Better then last year, yikes. 1st in the East, bounce din the Finals.
Indiana Pacers: Stephen Jackson will help them out a lot. Need a better Center and PG to over take Detriot. 2nd in East, bounced in second round.
Milwaukee Bucks: I love Michael Redd, but this team is not very good, look for them to slip. 11th in East.

Southeast Division:

Atlanta Hawks: Ugh. 14th in East.
Charlotte Bobcats: Will contend for the worst record ever. Have a bright future though. 15th in the East, worst in the league
Miami Heat: Shaq fianlly free. D-Wade won't shoot the Heat out of a game like one of Shaq's former teammates did. 3rd in East, bounced in Confrence finals.
Orlando Magic: Steve Francis now over-dribbles and forces up bad shots in Florida.. 10th in East.
Washington Wizards: If Gilbert and Jamison can stay healthy, they'll make the playoffs. If not, the Cavs sneek in. 8th in EC, first round exit.