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12-17-2004, 04:18 AM
did anyone catch his performance today? I saw the highlights and that throw down on Doug Christie will have Christie's wife trying to throw down with Vanessa cause her man just got disrespected. Wow. Kobe played great after a court date and I think he thrives on the drama. The guy is insane. Great player though.

12-17-2004, 04:27 AM
I watched the game...As a Suns fan, a huge kudos to the Lakers fer beatin' the Kings.

Kobe was unbelievable in the third and fourth quarter...

On back-to-back plays, he drove the lane, spins and does an up and under, gets fouled, count the basket...three-point play...then dribble, dribble, fake cross, stepback, drains the three and one...four-point play...

I hate the bum, but it was amazing...2 possessions, 7 points...wow!!!

12-17-2004, 04:34 AM
do you think Kobe will ever get it together? I think his personality is such that he creates the drama. He is the type of person who is miserable when he has success and he needs to always "meet a new challenge."

The Suns are in a great position up 4 games on the Kings and 6 on the Lakers but they need to just win games. It is way to early to start thinking about the playoffs. I doubt Seattle and Phoenix will be 1-2 when the playoffs start. I'm not sure more then one team from the Pacific division will get in too.

12-17-2004, 04:51 AM
For whatever reason, Kobe needs enemies. He always plays better when he's the bad guy. I think it's a sickness that he can't shake...however, I do think he can improve his on court play to where he's a more rounded offensive star.

He needs to trust his teammates. Give them the ball and let them create sometimes.

Did you know that while Kobe's scoring is up, his shots are down (by 4) from last year...think about that again. Last year he has Shaq, Malone and Payton, this year he has Mihm, Odom and Butler, yet this year he is averaging fewer shots per game...

The reason...more free throws. I've watched a half-dozen Lakers games this year and unless he's on the bench or it's a fast break he's not a part of, if it happens on the offensive end, it happens through Kobe. He has the ball in his hands for alomst every play, prolly for at least 8-10 seconds per possession.

Give it up man. Just because you pass it, doesn't mean yer not gonna get it back.

It's all about trust with him on the court, maybe it starts off. His inner circle has to be a concern to anyone depending on him for anything. His wife seems like a spoiled ***** and his agent is well, an agent...these are the only people he trusts???

He's got some serious prollems and I hope for his best. I never like to see anyone crash and burn...I'm all for rivalries and have a feeling (after watchin' this years games) that Phoenix vs. Los Angels is startin' to have some meaning again.

I think the West goes...
Note: (+...spots up, -...spots down)
1. Spurs (-3)
2. Wolves (+1, -3)
3. Suns (+2, -2)
4. Sonics (+2, -4)
5. Kings (+2, -2)
6. Mavericks (+2, -2)
7. Nuggets (+2, -3)
8. Lakers (+2, -3)
9. Rockets (+2, -2)
10. Grizzlies (+3, -2)
11. Clippers (+4, -2)
12. Jazz (+7)
13. Blazers (+4)
14. Warriors (+4)
15. Hornets (even)

Class of 1990
12-17-2004, 08:22 PM
The OLD days.


Now its Kobe time.