View Full Version : Divisional Matchups

01-10-2005, 09:33 AM
After a unroutinely piss-poor showing in the wildcards, Here's my picks for divisional matchups.

Pittsburgh over New York. I just can't see anyone beating the steelers right now, how often does a rookie quarterback be this good? Has any rookie ever finished their first season unbeaten?

Indianapolis over New England. All this talk about Patriots being so good with Brady and Belichek, colts pull it off.

Atlanta over St Louis. They beat the seahawks, but 8-8 (well 9-8) now is still not good enough for the rams.

Philadelphia over Minnesota. I don't want to call it luck last weekend beating the packers, but it doesn't matter. Philadelphia is on a mission, I can only see the steelers or colts beating them possibly.