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07-31-2005, 05:49 PM
Author: Mike Wobschall

Ins and Outs
The first morning session of Vikings training camp 2005 began at 8:45 am Saturday morning and ended before 11:00. Helmets and shorts with practice jerseys was the attire.

The initial session included some refreshing of basic, fundamental material for the players. A kicking exhibition was put on by newly acquired Paul Edinger and Aaron Elling. Each attempted about ten field goals and extra points as practice began to come to a close.

The morning session ended with some light conditioning followed by the offense and defense running through a two-minute drill exercise.

Heightened expectations
Whether listening to talk radio, fans or members of the media, expectations around Vikings camp are high. With a roster exploding of talent, you hear "Super Bowl" on occasion when referring to the Vikings season. Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson played in the Super Bowl for the Buccaneers in 2002 and he spoke about what it takes to get there.

"It's easy to talk about but you have to believe in each other. Every player has to play above their head. Every player has to have their best year. You have to get lucky a little bit too."

Men in the middle
Watching the defensive lineman work in the morning session provided a good look at what could turn out to be one of the stronger parts of the Vikings team. Kevin Williams and Pat Williams comprise the middle of that line. Third year player Kevin Williams, who earned all-pro honors last year, talked about what it will mean to have Pat Williams in the middle with him.

"It's going to help a lot. They have to pick their poison. Teams aren't always going to want to double me with a guy like Pat beside me. He'll make all the plays in the running game, unless they run around him," Kevin Williams commented.

Birk and Smoot infirmary report
Two notables not participating thus far for the Vikings are center Matt Birk and cornerback Fred Smoot. Coach Mike Tice said Birk could be anywhere from a week to maybe two weeks. "He's pain free for the first time in about a year, so his spirits are very good," Tice commented.

Smoot remains day-to-day. Coach Tice said Smoot hurt his neck lifting weights and that they want to be cautions bringing him back. "But he's a little disappointed. He's worked his butt off. He had a great off-season."

Tracking the heat
The Vikings this year have new technology to help battle the heat and related illnesses. Vikings training staff are now able to wirelessly monitor players' body temperature while they practice. The players swallow a pill which contains a sensor that transmits a signal to staff telling them what the core temperature of the player is.

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...nice try.

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...nice try.

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do you ever post anything that remotely makes sense?