View Full Version : Pick Your Skill Position Starters

08-11-2005, 06:28 PM
I'm leaving out the Linemen because well frankly I'm not that in depth at offensive line men.

My Picks are based off running the Pro Set Split Backfield

QB -Daunte Caulpepper - There was only one other QB in the league with better numbers then Daunte. I went with the Mobility factor on this one and not choosing Peyton Manning.

RB - Curtis Martin - The kid led the league in rushing last year by 1 whole Yard. It Was easy for me to Pick Martin with a Good season by the jets. 10-6 and a play off birth.

RB - Brian Westbrook - I choose a another RB instead of a FB because well I wanted too. Brian Westbrook has not led the league in many columns but he is one of the most Important players on the most powerful team in the NFC. He can get you the yard when you need them.

TE - Tony Gonzales - After further thought on my last post I have to go with Tony G. He has proven himself and the premier tight end in the league. It was a tough Pick over Antonio Gates and Jermaine Wiggins who was the sleeper tight end last year for the Vikes.

WR - Joe Horn - Has Established himself as one of the premier receivers in the league for the Saints. 11 tds and 1 yard shy of 1400. This guy would draw double coverage playing against any team.

WR - Jovan Walker - 3rd year in the league and had a break out 2004 season 1300 + yards and 12 touchdown dances. This guy caused a thorn in many DBS sides last year.