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12-05-2005, 02:12 PM
In his latest "Inside Dish" column, Mike DeCourcy writes:

If you believe all the reasons to watch Arizona State departed the day All-American PF Ike Diogu entered the NBA draft, the Sun Devils have a surprise for you: PG Antwi Atuahene. There aren't many true recruiting steals anymore, but Atuahene came from Trinity Valley Community College with three years of eligibility, a powerful body and a sophisticated game that might remind some of former Syracuse star Pearl Washington's. "This guy brings everybody's level up," ASU assistant Tony Benford says. . . .

He hasn't been putting up particularly impressive numbers, but has he been playing as well as the above would suggest? Can he be a Pac-10 impact player? In other words, is there actual hope for ASU this year?

OK, that last question was just rhetorical ...

12-05-2005, 02:41 PM
As with the positive ink about most ASU basketball players, I'm going to be skeptical that this guy could even play in the Pac-10.

But if Atuahene can even replace half of Diogu's per-game averages last season, you really have to wonder if Arizona shouldn't look into the top JUCO big man for next season.