View Full Version : Clemens is an ass-clown

06-15-2003, 10:47 PM
Now Roger's suggesting he'll boycott his own Hall of Fame induction if he can't go in as a Yankee. Now, personally, I've always thought he was an ass who insulted the Red Sox and the entire city of Boston at every opportunity, but this is too far. If he actually boycotted his induction, the one day that everyone in the country will be happy for him, then he really doesn't care about the fans. It's not like the rule about the Hall selecting hats hasn't been applied to people in the past. Most players, it seems, want to go in wearing the hat where they first found success, and representing the team that gave them their first chance and their first paycheck, but not the typically ungreatful Clemens. He's always been bigger then the game in his own mind.