View Full Version : How long before the D-Backs

07-08-2003, 06:04 AM
overtake the Giants?

My guess in within 2 weeks after the all star game.

07-08-2003, 08:15 PM
Just saw this in CNNSI.com's weekly power rankings:
Arizona Diamondbacks
During their winning streak, they went 16 consecutive games without facing an opposing starter who had a winning record and an ERA under 6.00. Who says the major league talent pool is diluted?
Knowing this, I might expect the Diamondbacks to take a little bit longer to catch the Giants then GarH estimated. I'm still not convinced that this team is going to be able to beat the Giants and Dodgers if it comes to a tight pennant race. The young players haven't been there before, and, IMO, haven't yet proven that they can beat GOOD teams with good pitching night after night. And, let's be honest, other then Gonzo, the old guys are OLLLLDDD. We'll see if Randy and Curt have anything left when they get back, but I wouldn't want to have to bet the season on them.

OJ Did It
07-08-2003, 11:53 PM
or just a Giants fan? You wouldnt want to have to count on Johnson and Schilling? They are only the two best pitchers in the NL, Webb is filthy, Kata and Cintron will be solid players in the majors for years to come, Finley are Gonzo are in rare form, Hillenbrand finding his stroke, Counsell-Mr. Reliabilty is back, and they currently own the Wild Card. All this with catastrosphy after catastrophy.
That statistic you threw out is an eye opener, but in no way does it discount what the Backs have done. And in no way am I going to discount what the Giants have done, they are a pillar of consistency. But its not going to be a cake walk for the Giants.
And the Dodgers? Unless they unfreeze Ted Williams or acquire 2-3 .300+ hitters, they might finish as the worst "Offensive" team of all-time. Or maybe you are counting on the offensive machine that is Dave Roberts to get off the DL. The Dodgers are donskies.

07-09-2003, 12:32 PM
The Dodgers need to worry about Colorado. Third would be a good finish for them. The question isn't if the D-Backs will catch the Giants but when.

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07-24-2003, 06:46 PM
this thread is the very definition of a post coming back to haunt someone.

07-31-2003, 01:22 AM
Bumping again, in honor of the Arizona "Dozenbacks"!

07-31-2003, 01:44 AM
I'm starting to feel vindicated...The DBacks have definetly proven that neither the veterans, nor the kiddies can get it done right now against good teams and good pitchers in a meaningful series. Johnson and Schilling have pitched well so far since their return, but we'll see if they can stay healthy and productive...though the real Unit would NEVER get beaten by a rookie who'd been hit around his past few outings.

green machine
07-31-2003, 03:09 AM
Originally posted by littlekenny03
the real Unit would NEVER get beaten by a rookie who'd been hit around his past few outings.

The real Unit did not get beaten by the Marlins. The real Unit got beaten by errors made by his teammates. Willis pitched great, but he gave up an earned run. Unit did not.


08-09-2003, 06:14 PM
I'm sorry....I just can't help myself.

The Magic number stands at 36 going into Saturday!

Josh Gershon
09-19-2003, 01:03 AM
Good question.