View Full Version : To the ignant Back haters

OJ Did It
07-14-2003, 11:37 PM
I know you guys are very worried, if not you should be. You suggest the D-Backs should earn a win versus a worthy pitcher, but THEY DONT HAVE TO!!!! Yeah thats right, may sound stupid to the front runners and the soon to be cellar dwellars, AZCAT07. 50 wins is 50 wins. Put your gay pride a side you silly Giants and give a little respect to a team that earned 50 wins with a bunch of no names. The D-Backs have always been a team that depends highly on pitching, with the aces back its a wrap. I would love to see how the Giants would do with Schmidt and Reauter out for months at a time. Same goes for you LA, your boy Kevin Brown has broken down again and you are finished. Was Burnitz and Ricky BE Rickey the best you could do? That is brutal, have fun battling the Padres for the rest of the season.

Josh Gershon
07-14-2003, 11:46 PM
News flash: If the Dodgers had Brown the last two seasons, the Diamondbacks would have never even made the playoffs, let alone won the World Series.

Despite the worst injury problems in baseball for two years in a row, the Dodgers finished six games out of first both seasons.

The Dbacks beat a bunch of horrible pitchers. Impressive. Let's see what they do against TALENT.

So take Curt Schilling's Copenhagen and Randy Johnson's old mullet and shove them up Elmer Dessen's ass.

I love Diamondbacks fans. You guys are the same fans that booed Matt Williams two years ago, when he was slumping. One of the best 3rd baseman in the last twenty years was booed because he was slumping, by idiotic Arizona fans who have THE WORST BASEBALL KNOWLEDGE IN THE MAJORS, bar none. I'm not saying you guys, but the majority of Arizona fans HAVE NO CLUE. You might as well talk baseball with Harry Carry's casket.

So keep listening to your unbelievably biased announcers and keep telling yourselves how good you are. I can't wait to hear Tom Brennamen crying when the D-Backs don't make it to the playoffs.

There is nothing like turning on a D-Backs game when its at the end and the D-Backs are down. Nothing but pure silence. The only thing that breaks that silence are excuses. What a bunch of babies.

End of the road, D-Backs.

OJ Did It
07-14-2003, 11:55 PM
ignant at times, but to say they are the least knowledgable in all of baseball would be wrong. But whats the difference between DBack fans booing Matt Williams, and Phili fans booing arguably the best third baseman in the last 20 years, Mike Schmidt. All people talk about is how savvy Phili and NY fans are and they change their allegiances like seasons. That is why I refuse to insult Back fans.

I was a Dodger fan for years, ever stayed at Chavez after the 6th inning, because most Dodger fans dont. I know getting out of there is hell, but dont real fans stay for the game?

Josh Gershon
07-14-2003, 11:59 PM
Easy answer: L.A. fans are garbage!

I'm a Tucson Dodgers fan. For whatever the hell that is worth. I guess it just means I get upset every year in Tucson and not L.A. Damnit.

OJ Did It
07-15-2003, 12:10 AM
I applaud you for sticking with the Dodgers. I just couldnt deal with the revolving door of my beloved rookies of the year. When Piazza was dealt I just didnt feel a connection to the team anymore. I knew when my Dad, a loyal fan since the days of the Duke and Brooklyn, bailed it was time to find another team. I said why not go for the home team, they havent failed to impress in five years. I still have a little love for the big blue, besides the Lakers showtime days, my fondest sports-childhood memory was that of Gibbie stumbling around the bases like a drunk in '88. Those were the good old days. Tear.

Josh Gershon
07-15-2003, 12:23 AM
I know what you're saying. The Dodgers have to be one of the most frustrating franchises to follow in sports. You try not to have expectations, but then they play well and your hopes get high, before they choke their hopes away.

I root for the D-Backs in the playoffs, because I go to the games and love the atmosphere of postseason baseball. I would probably be a D-Backs fan if it weren't for the Dodgers as well. Unfortunately, unlike Ben, I can't root for two teams in the same division.

I have to stay loyal though. Most D-Backs fans drive me too crazy to share a bond with them. Any chance of me being a D-Backs fan was ruined by Rod Allen's horrible homerisms. Jimmy T. doesn't help.

One of these years...

Ben Hansen
07-15-2003, 12:26 AM
As you know - and OJ does too - the only reason I can root for two teams in the NL West is because of my past (Giants) love for Will Clark and my current (D'Backs) love for a team we can all follow easily and have as what amounts to the only hometown team Tucson's ever had.

If a gun was put to my head and I had to choose one loyalty for life, it would be to the...


Giants will always be a favorite of mine, though.


Josh Gershon
07-15-2003, 12:32 AM
Ben, I don't know if this is a sign or what, but I did a google image search on Will Clark, hoping to post a funny picture.

But for some reason I found a bunch of gay, naked men.

No more google image searches for me for a while....