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lookie lookie!

Posted 10-25-2011 at 04:18 PM by Farva
You know, sometimes I really think me and laxie make progress on here. Usually the way one of our back-and-forth ends. I'm hardly dumb enough to believe his opinion of me ever changes regardless of that, though. But, I do start to believe that maybe me and him won't ruin any more threads by providing yet another **** fest, that usually is started by him.

Well, today was another sh*tfest day. They're pretty rare now.. but as proof by a little earlier, they do still happen.

He was trying to say that I'm one of the few that rags on 97cats. Funny though, because the back and forth me and 97 had most recently was over football. It wasn't over basketball or recruiting, or any of 97's predictions. Laxie fails to mention that though when he thinks he's cleverly providing some "facts for my ass". See, an argument that I had with 97 over the football program/Stoops, has nothing to do with me still being one of the few posters who give 97 a hard time. I had my strong opinions, but it was in regards to a certain topic - wasn't about 97cats personally.

It's not like I'm still doubting 97 on his info, or calling him out for a prediction or anything. If that was the case, then azlax04 would have been correct. But he's not, because that's not the case.

That's all, mijos!!
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Get a life dude!
Posted 10-27-2011 at 02:10 AM by 77HoyaCat4Ever 77HoyaCat4Ever is offline
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