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Josiah Turner

Posted 11-08-2011 at 03:21 PM by Farva
Even though it's early on, I think people are already mistakenly judging Turner. It's not so much about any critiques having to do with a turnover here or there, or bad defense here or there. It's the expectations.

I guess I can't blame our fans, because it's not like they're all recruiting guru's who know Josiah's game to a T.

97cats said it once, said it twice, and yet it still doesn't seem to sink in to the heads of some of our fans. Either that, or certain posters just simply missed the threads where 97cats broke down Josiah's game.

As he said - JT is not John Wall or Derrick Rose. He's much more like an Andre Miller. Yet, his shot still has the potential to get better and better as he's only a freshman. Turner has great handles. He might turn it over driving to the basket and losing it out of bounds, but how many times have we seen him simply lose the ball while handling it, if at all so far?

How many "bad shots" (jumpers) has he taken? In my opinion, he hasn't taken enough, even if he's still working on his shot.

Oh, he can dunk. He can get up. And he can certainly knock down the 3, and get hot. But you're not going to see that right now, early on in the season, when Miller has this team running things the right way, and making sure everything is in with the plan.

Josiah Turner might not make a lot of noise right now. But he also certainly doesn't make any kind of bad noise with glaring mistakes, or inconsistency. Considering how solid he is now, he will only flourish and become better with each game. I just wish some of our fans would understand this.
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